Small Gas Boilers

If you’re in the market for a gas boiler, consider getting a residential boiler (figure 1). Even though they’re designed for a different market, they can work well in commercial buildings. Residential boilers are manufactured in larger quantities than commercial units, which makes them relatively inexpensive and readily available with a variety of options. Their small size means you can easily move them in and out of buildings, and the most-efficient residential boilers are as efficient as commercial boilers. You can stage multiple small boilers to provide high efficiency over a range of heating loads.

Figure 1: Diagram of a residential boiler
Boilers come in various configurations using cast-iron, steel, or copper heat exchangers with different types of burners and venting systems. In this example, cast-iron “wet walls” connected by finned copper tubes contain hot water that has been heated by a gas flame. A natural draft chimney vents the heating system to the outside air.
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